Trinitas Thai

Welcometo Trinitas Thai

Trinitas Thai presents a new chapter in Thai fine dining. Through the combined experiences of traditional, contemporary and fusion tastes, we proudly present authenticity with diversity.

Trinitas Thai has a vibrant, elegant atmosphere, with a stylish décor and the upper level, perfect for private functions, is warm, plush and inviting.


Our Experience

With nearly 10 years experience, we pride ourselves on providing fresh food and service.

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Our Team

Somchai Palee

Head chef and owner

Somchai has more than ten years experience creating Thai food and throughout that time, he’s pioneered a range of signature dishes that have our valued customers coming back for more, such as the deliciously tender Honey Pork Neck or his proudest creation, the Thai Imperial Fish. We guarantee you won’t find these dishes anywhere else.

Phasini Samnengphroh

Assistant chef

Working alongside Chef Somchai for nearly a decade, Ms Phasini’s passion, creativity and flair has seen her excel in every aspect of food creation. Chef Somchai saw her potential early on and she was quickly promoted to the role of Assistant Chef.


Make a Reservation

To make a reservation, call the friendly Trinitas Thai team on (03) 9813 1565 or send us an email; And don’t hesitate to join us on social media via one of the platforms below.

955 Burke Road, Camberwell, VIC