A FewWords

We've been operating for nearly a decade and we'd like to thank all our patrons who have been such amazing support through the years. We've been operating for nearly a decade

We'll continue to provide you with our fragrant, flavoursome food and our famous, friendly service. If you have any feedback, or suggestions of how we can improve in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Why Dine with Us?

Trinitas Thai uses only fresh food and vegetables. Freshness and quality are paramount.

All dishes are prepared as needed and not precooked or reheated. Some are prepared on a daily basis. Authentic Thai herbs and spices are used and there are no additives (no MSG or flavour enhancer).

The Trinitas Wine selecion is hand-picked to bring you the very best of new wines and a variety of old favourites. The wine list has been specially seleteced to enhance your dining experience.

Trinitas would like to welcome new and regular patrons, and thank you for joining us, we are commited to making your dining experience with us memorable.

Our CustomersSay

Every other Thai restaurant in Melbourne can take a seat, I've found my new favourite at Trinitas Thai.

Clean and delicate yet bursting with flavour. This was my dish of the night. I could eat this over and over again. Thai prawn ravioli in lemongrass, galangal infused coconut sauce. This cute little Thai restaurant in Camberwell is on the quiet end of Burke Road but it's worth venturing to. The staff are hospitable and friendly. Every dish had us gaga with excitement and licking our lips at the end.

Lee ChanClient

Absolutely stellar Thai cuisine.

The owners are super friendly as well. Love this place.

Tim MurrayClient

Rated: 4.5

Came here for dinner and the food was amazing!! This place is fantastic! The staff and service were great as well!! I will be coming back!!!

Steph A.Client

Just so excellent. After so many 'run of the mill' Thai places on every street corner, Trinitas feels refreshing and 'next level'.

'Trinitas' references the essentially three menus they have to offer; as @Matt B points out; traditional, contemporary and fusion style. Having that much to select from might be a little overwhelming on your first visit, but for a guy used to seeing the same 10 Thai dishes listed in every other place, it was super exciting to have so much choice. Dining with friends mean you can mix it up and share items from all three menu sections. There's a bottle shop across the road that has some great South Australian wines we find go great with the food. We had a great night out here and plan to go back ASAP..

Cliff B.Client

“Excellent restaurant, strong menu, terrific service”

This is certainly one of the best Thai restaurants we have been to. We are both vegetarian. Most of our friends are vegetarian too. Thai food has a fair bit of non-vegetarian pastes that are used as bases even in veg dishes. They were quite happy to cater for this specifically. They also advised us on what dishes contained no non-veg pastes whatsoever.They have 2-3 different forms of dishes: traditional, fusion and contemporary. The dishes we had were quite good; strong in taste and flavour. The coconut rice goes well with most of their dishes. The staff are ever-smiling and good and the atmosphere is terrific.

Mohan K.Client

Best Thai food

Best Thai food, soooo yum! The spring rolls are delicious, and the three kings fish and pad khing chicken and coconut rice are amazing smile emoticon highly recommend this place. The staff are also very lovely and so is the ambience.

Stav Marantos EvripidouClient


Absolutely beautiful food and service is outstanding. Would recommend to everyone. Two thumbs up!

Rebecca FazlicClient

Favourite thai restaurant in Melbourne HANDS DOWN!

The staff are always lovely and friendly and the ambience of the restaurant is beautiful. They make an amazing pad thai and tom yum goong soup that I cannot stop craving. Best meals would be the soups, three kings fish, peppered and garlic prawns and yummy vegetarian spring rolls.

Jessica BatemanClient

Friendly and attentive staff

Friendly and attentive staff and intensely flavored and creative dishes. Never had a mediocre meal yet. Imperial fish is amazing!!!

Michelle MillerClient